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Our Services

Real Estate m2 offers you the most suitable real estate service for your home

In our agency we have different real estate services that will help you make a safer purchase decision:

Full processing of the property

In m2 we take care of all the pertinent procedure in the development of the sale of a property. Anything that may be a costly task for the client, we will take care of it so that they can begin to enjoy from your home immediately.

Notary service

We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to present it before a notary. This bureaucratic step can be somewhat complex, so our real estate agents will advise you, at all times, on the best decision for your well-being.

Dissemination of your home

We will take care of sharing your home in different national and international real estate portals so that you can find a buyer in record time. Likewise, we can use other Marketing strategies so that your home attracts even more attention.

Real estate management after-sales

Once the sale of the property is processed, we will carry out a follow-up to formalize, if necessary, any change of ownership of supply, taxes, community, etc.

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